Chio Swimwear...Italian Resort Glamour


Originally envisioned by Stefania Di Simone, Chio di Stefania D came into being in the spring of 1999. Currently the line is designed by two sisters, Stefania and Maria Cristina Di Simone, who create and manufacture the collection exclusively in Italy. The goal was to create a collection of swimwear that contained a strong measure of high fashion and introduce the concept of ” haute couture” to beachwear. The collection is sold around the world.

Only premium fabrics are used in the Chio line, and are then coupled with ultra- modern production techniques. Swarovski crystals, laser cut-outs and delicate palettes are hand stitched by artisans to add final touches.

Italian glamour is combined with American style creating refined pieces, illustrating a refreshingly modern and chic perspective on swimwear. Chio’s collection is versatile enough to be worn while sun tanning on a pool deck, yet remains sophisticated enough to wear to an evening cocktail party on the beach.

The last word in pool-side glamour, Chio’s luxury bikinis are must haves for a jet setter lifestyle. The label has been spotted on Eva Longoria, Paris and Nikki Hilton, Carmen Electra and Rockstar Nelly Furtado. Chio has appeared in Sport‘s Illustrated Swimwear Edition, Vogue, Elle, Lucky Magazine, In Style, Flare and Victoria‘s Secret.



Destination: Tulum

Melissa Odabash Collection at KIJIANFor our second destination on KIJIAN we chose Mexican resort town, Tulum.   Once a favorite holiday destination for hippies, this eco-friendly and spiritually centered town is now a hot spot amongst the fashion industry.  While it remains true to its roots with a laid back lifestyle, the influence of the fashion scene is visible in subtle ways.   The tone is artfully dialed back where fashion and earthiness co-exist amid Tulum’s pristine beaches and Mayan ruins. 

Bohemian chic is definitely the way to pack for this town on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Not the place to flaunt labels but rather to wear pieces that are effortlessly chic, high-peasant style.   The vibe is understated and easy, therefore simple bikinis and poncho cover-ups for day and airy maxi-dresses with hand crafted jewelry for night, feel just right.

For KIJIAN, we designated a special shopping section called “Riviera Maya” offering many options perfect for Tulum.  Some of my favorites include: 

The Eberjey Traveler Poncho Cover-Up, this white crochet always looks great and goes with just about any bathing suit.

The Melissa Odabash Sicily Bikini, very sexy black criss-cross back bikini.

The Helen Kaminski Raffia Charcoal Carillo Bag.

Miguelina White Crochet Eve Dress, this is a stunning mesh and floral crochet maxi-dress with side slits.

Mela Hand-Crafted Necklaces with Baroque Pearls and Crystals. 

Metallica... The Return of Heavy Metal


mauritius_003_6.jpgMetallics have been a huge trend and they made their mark on swimwear this season as well. What better place to don a little sparkle than at the beach? So alluring is the subtle shimmer of platinum or gold against tanned skin. I’m flashing back to my first bikini in the 1980’s – shiny, gold foil glistening in all its glory. When I put it on I was transformed, an instant rush and felt invincible. I can almost hear Little Red Corvette playing in the background…


For Kijian, it was sheer bliss to pick from the numerous metallic options available this season. One of the many standouts is a one-piece from Melissa Odabash – The Qatar. The color is an edgy combination of gunmetal and platinum melded into a lustrous patina. This bathing suit is pure fashion with its bustier top, front zip and rock and roll attitude. Stunning at the beach, pool or at night with jeans.

Also from Melissa Odabash are the Mauritius bronze string bikini with mocha gemstone detailing, the Evita available in Truffle and Mint Shiny both with gorgeous subtle luster, the gilded Rome bikini, and cover-ups Graina and Sanela. The Graina in a soft gray covered with silver studs and the Sanela, a glamorous apricot maxi dress with gold sequin embroidery and appliqué embellishments. A feast for the eyes and possibly a little rush for you too.



metallica1.jpgI’ve always had a thing for cuffs.  Not bangles, but cuffs.  As a little girl I was mesmerized by my mother’s Verdura Maltese stunners.  The very same cuffs that were one of the trademark looks for Coco Chanel.  The soft smooth edges and simple ability to slide them on and off sideways on the wrist.  So elegant, so innovative, so cool – all at once.  She would wear them alone or stacked or mismatched; with an evening gown or to the beach.  I was hooked.

While creating Kijian, cuffs were naturally an important ingredient for me to include on the site.  I discovered two very different styles that I felt would work particularly well with resortwear, although I found that they both mix equally well with my NYC wardrobe.

The first, a blonde natural horn with Swarovski crystals by Zeffiria.  The shimmer of crystals in crescent shape pairs beautifully with the horn.   Gorgeous veining throughout, handmade and each one unique.  They remind me of the way no two pieces of marble are exactly alike; a natural element each with its own story.  A little more than 1 ½ inches wide and ideal for wearing two at a time.  Timeless, original, and sure to be noticed.

Secondly, I discovered Colette Malouf, a fabulous accessories designer in Soho.  I immediately fell in love with her collection of pleated, hand lacquered cuffs.  I was drawn to their ruffled textured, hidden gold mesh weave baked inside, beautiful coloring and generous width.  Made of plated mesh and enamel, hand formed and wrap approximately 3 ¼ inches around the wrist.  Each varying in thickness, width and color.  Artistic with intricate craftsmanship.  Available in Black, Nude and Lime.  A conversation piece and pure expression of individual style.





Destination: The Hamptons

The concept of featuring a destination on Kijian is based on selecting a seasonal locale and embracing the style that most epitomizes that particular area. The destination will change periodically in order to reflect the changing seasons and swimwear collections.


We launched in June in time for peak season in our designated destination of the Hamptons. The Hamptons has its own distinctive style and color palette and this is seen here on our site. The tone mimics the abundance of natural beauty that is found on Eastern Long Island. The endless stretches of beach and flat surrounding terrain give the Hamptons its own color and glow. Around 5:00 each afternoon, when the sun hangs low, the sky takes on a magnificent shade of pink. A soft, romantic glow that always stops me in my tracks and reminds me to appreciate this picturesque environment.

 Life becomes softer with more ease. My wardrobe also turns to its gentler side as I trade my harsh city blacks and vivid Caribbean brights, for a muted closet of neutrals and whites. This is my favorite season of all for clothing. Head to toe white looks great for every occasion, makes it so easy to look chic. And there are the many variations on nude that make me feel super sexy. For Kijian, the hue of many of our bikinis, seamlessly meld into the skin with just a touch of sheen to separate one from the other.


There are many swimsuit and cover-up styles to choose from as well as an array of hats, bags and jewelry that embody the essence of the Hamptons for our initial destination on