Destination: The Hamptons

The concept of featuring a destination on Kijian is based on selecting a seasonal locale and embracing the style that most epitomizes that particular area. The destination will change periodically in order to reflect the changing seasons and swimwear collections.


We launched in June in time for peak season in our designated destination of the Hamptons. The Hamptons has its own distinctive style and color palette and this is seen here on our site. The tone mimics the abundance of natural beauty that is found on Eastern Long Island. The endless stretches of beach and flat surrounding terrain give the Hamptons its own color and glow. Around 5:00 each afternoon, when the sun hangs low, the sky takes on a magnificent shade of pink. A soft, romantic glow that always stops me in my tracks and reminds me to appreciate this picturesque environment.

 Life becomes softer with more ease. My wardrobe also turns to its gentler side as I trade my harsh city blacks and vivid Caribbean brights, for a muted closet of neutrals and whites. This is my favorite season of all for clothing. Head to toe white looks great for every occasion, makes it so easy to look chic. And there are the many variations on nude that make me feel super sexy. For Kijian, the hue of many of our bikinis, seamlessly meld into the skin with just a touch of sheen to separate one from the other.


There are many swimsuit and cover-up styles to choose from as well as an array of hats, bags and jewelry that embody the essence of the Hamptons for our initial destination on