b_456_304_16777215_00_images_metallica1.jpgI’ve always had a thing for cuffs.  Not bangles, but cuffs.  As a little girl I was mesmerized by my mother’s Verdura Maltese stunners.  The very same cuffs that were one of the trademark looks for Coco Chanel.  The soft smooth edges and simple ability to slide them on and off sideways on the wrist.  So elegant, so innovative, so cool – all at once.  She would wear them alone or stacked or mismatched; with an evening gown or to the beach.  I was hooked.

While creating Kijian, cuffs were naturally an important ingredient for me to include on the site.  I discovered two very different styles that I felt would work particularly well with resortwear, although I found that they both mix equally well with my NYC wardrobe.

The first, a blonde natural horn with Swarovski crystals by Zeffiria.  The shimmer of crystals in crescent shape pairs beautifully with the horn.   Gorgeous veining throughout, handmade and each one unique.  They remind me of the way no two pieces of marble are exactly alike; a natural element each with its own story.  A little more than 1 ½ inches wide and ideal for wearing two at a time.  Timeless, original, and sure to be noticed.

Secondly, I discovered Colette Malouf, a fabulous accessories designer in Soho.  I immediately fell in love with her collection of pleated, hand lacquered cuffs.  I was drawn to their ruffled textured, hidden gold mesh weave baked inside, beautiful coloring and generous width.  Made of plated mesh and enamel, hand formed and wrap approximately 3 ¼ inches around the wrist.  Each varying in thickness, width and color.  Artistic with intricate craftsmanship.  Available in Black, Nude and Lime.  A conversation piece and pure expression of individual style.